For Event Planners

We are excited that you are considering hosting your next event with us!

We specialize in both small- and large-scale conference management and have a wide variety of services we can offer to fit your needs. You can review information about our services here, and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. 


Conference planning timeline: steps to help you through the BlueBox Events process

1. Inquire

After submitting your inquiry through our site, the coordinator will contact you requesting details about your event and share requirements about coming to campus.

2. Proposal

Once your needs have been determined, the sales and marketing coordinator will prepare a proposal outlining costs and services for groups to plan and build budgets for the event.

3. Sponsorship

All groups not affiliated with or external to the university are required to have an on-campus sponsor.* (Please see below for details.)

*The purpose of this sponsor is to verify that the group’s mission aligns with the mission of the university. The sponsorship does not imply any monetary, space or time donations from the sponsor. Groups must find their own sponsor, BlueBox Events does not source sponsorships for groups. If you are internal to the university, sponsorship is not required. 

Once a group has identified a sponsor, they must reach out and verify the sponsor is willing to verify their program’s mission. A simple sponsorship form is sent to the on-campus sponsor from the external group. The sponsor can send the completed form to the group or directly to BlueBox Events. Groups will not be connected to their conference coordinator until sponsorship has been received.

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